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The Night Of Rabbit :

Dive into a story and fantasy where evrything is possible and where nothing is possible and where nothing is what it seems , join the young herry and purses a peculiar white eabbit to the wonderfull kingdom of mousewood a land full of mystery where the strangest creatures can speak ...

It is in this place where the dream of becoming a magician Jerry comes true ,  despite a dark and sinister forse is submerged in the dark forest A Mousewood residents are offered the deal of a  lifetimes tickets the greatest magic show ever seen but in exchnage for a cery high price will have to sacrifisice their most prized possessions and their lives .
The darkness grows increasingly intense and Mousewood residents only have the help of jerry to return to normal . In an adverture that combines laughter and tears , joy and fear the child will face the final test leaving behind his childhood and the world he knows ...

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