Dead Island Reptide Game Download Full Version

SysTem Requirements :

- CPU : Core2Duo 2.66 Ghz .
- RAM : 4GB .
- VGA : Nvidia GeForce 9600 (1G )
- DX : 9.0 Or Higher Version .
- OS : Win Xp / 7 , Vista And 8 .
- HDD : 7.0 GB available hard drive space .

They thought they were able to escape from death . They weere wrong , Aboard the ship were servivers hace taken refuge after the bloody horrors of the island Bana , there was a new outbreak of a mysterous epidemic  In a deseprate search for salvations boys and girls left the doomed ship , but they still do know that in a strage store them already waiting countless horders of the walking dead hungry for human flesh !
Continued exciting open world action will please fans of comletely new locations weapons and unique methods of combat with  hordes of bloodthirsty zombies it is a familar team join the fifth character  - John Morger who perfers who perfers hand to hand combat togetehr with them you have to find a safe hiding place and explore the jungle covered island Palani Waterlogged Use the boats to reach theafrthst corners of the land . Create unique weapons and defecses , Survives at all costs and look for survisors = thats a task that you  have to face . and it will not be easy , Hope is Drowing in blood ...

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